We make Pianos pretty!

I want your family to “ooh” and “aah” over your prized piano.  Restoring a piano is sometimes very simply adjusting all the keys to the right height or it could be a complete overhaul with sanding and restaining.  Regardless, your piano is a treasure to your family and I take great pride in bringing your piano aesthetically back to life.


Humidifier Systems

Visit this web site: Piano Life Saver. Ask me what the dealer costs are, the technician’s costs are and what the suggested retail price is! The Piano Life Saver is a complete piano humidity control system. It keeps your piano on pitch better and prevents damage from climate and environmental effects.

Ivories Replaced

If you have a good-quality vintage piano, the chances are good that the white key tops are ivory. Ivory usually comes in two individual pieces — a headpiece and a tailpiece. The fronts are usually made of plastic, even on pianos with ivory key tops. Although ivory is ideal for use in making key tops, new ivory is no longer available at a reasonable price. Replacing a complete set of key tops with legally sold ivory can be very expensive, costing several thousand dollars. If a keyboard has ivory pieces missing, it can be difficult to match the color or grain pattern of the originals with used ivory. With careful attention to detail when replacing individual ivory pieces, it is possible to do an outstanding job. After careful reconstruction of using ivory bleaches, sanding and a lot of time buffing & polishing the keys, the replacement pieces can be almost indistinguishable from the originals.


The average piano is comprised of thousands of moving parts. Just one damaged, worn or misaligned part can cause problems ranging from a sticking or sluggish key to one or more that will not play at all. Reconditioning can be as simple as using a straw to fix a broken hammer shank to removing the entire action and putting the part back into working order with detailed manufacture specification.


Day in and day out, pianos are being brought back to life. Pianos that have lost their original beautiful tone and finish can bring back original manufactured sounds and looking much finer. With the superb quality of the older cabinetry combined with the finer felts, strings, and leathers that are available in today’s technology, your piano can have the best of both worlds.

Touch Weight

Some pianos feel even and smooth from note to note, and yet others seem like each key requires a hammer or feather touch. The reasons for this are various but adjusting the touch weight cures these syptoms. Over the last decade David C. Stanwood of Stanwood Piano Innovation Inc. carried out extensive scientific studies of piano actions. Stanwood found that the former methods of measuring and creating the “feel” of pianos were inadequate, so he invented a whole new system of units and measures to explain why pianos “feel” the way they do. special treatment to produce an even tone. Let me tell you more.